About the Swing State Voter

One of my earliest childhood memories involves wearing a Styrofoam parade hat while sitting on top of a large pachyderm in the middle of a large rally. My next earliest childhood memory I was about four years old and my mother was dialing the phone for me (because I wasn't old enough to do it yet), while I made get out the vote phone calls for our local Congressman. 
By the time I was twelve I had memorized the Preamble to the Constitution, and could recite all of the signers in alphabetical order. I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC where we regularly passed the White House or the Capitol Building when we 'went into the city.' l attended a congregation that was the DC home to several elected officials. When I was a senior in high school I did my first Capitol Hill internship. My home teacher in high school was a Congressman, and my Sunday School teacher was a Senator. And by the time I graduated from college I had worked on a Presidential campaign. 

In short, I guess you could say politics is in my blood. Being patriotic and feeling passionate about political causes is just who I am. I've never known anything else. Some call it Potomac Fever, others the Political Bug. Me? I just call it life. 

My resume-

Paid blogger for the Motley Fool on stock market and financial issues.
Social media director for an international travel retailer. 
Marketing communication consultant.
Columnist and blogger on marketing and communication topics for various publications. 
Volunteer coordinator for the Romney for President Campaign in South Carolina 2012. (volunteer position)
Volunteer for Riverkids Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, offering writing and marketing assistance on human trafficking awareness.
Marketing and Communications Director for cutting edge digital media agency - Cobalt Communications Group. 
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah volunteer.
Marketing Coordinator- Beretta USA Law Enforcement and Defense 
Program Coordinator - National Rifle Association
Congressional Internship (three times). 
Staff Assistant- GOP nomination presidential campaign 1996.

To contact me please email mcbridemarketing at gmail

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